We present a selection of Women Rising Productions' Fiscally Sponsored Projects


We Go Higher

When Delaney Colaio is asked to avenge her father and uncles' death by speaking at Guantanamo Bay on behalf of the 3,051 9/11 Kids, she sets out to meet them for the first time. This is the story of how, together, they challenge the world to see resilience and healing in a new light

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Equal Playing Field

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as 30 female soccer players from 24 different countries summit Mount Kilimanjaro, to play the highest elevation soccer match ever played. With their powerful backstories woven in, we watch as these courageous women band together to play the most challenging game of their lives. Striving to spread awareness for gender equality, these women fight to set a new Guinness World Record.



Nevertheless is a documentary that examines the sexual harassment crisis in the American workplace through interviews and personal stories that recount experiences and reveal truths about the intricacies of the issue as a whole, while also shining a light on tools and solutions for everyone to use inspired by this watershed moment in our country’s history. The documentary touches upon several topics surrounding harassment and assault in the workplace in order to point towards a brighter future.



A documentary about one woman’s humorous, raw and real journey through post-partum depression. When stand-up comedian, Angelina Spicer, became a mother her world started to crumble - so bad that she ended up in a psychiatric hospital for 10 days. Now on the other side of that experience, she can find the humor and the universal truth about what it means to be a mom.


Grabbing Back

Fed up with Trump’s presidency, black women across America, like Jahana Hayes, are mobilizing to run for office and use their vote to change the course of our country! While they are a powerful force, we see that these formidable black women don’t necessarily have the support of the status quo Democratic Party. The documentary film/series “Grabbing Back” (working title) will shine a light on these trailblazing African American candidates and the galvanized voters who are getting off the sidelines to be heard, in the hopes of shifting the Trump trajectory and grabbing back the house in the 2018 midterm elections.